GERALYN MOTTO

Geralyn Motto is a Renaissance woman who has always kept the creative process at the helm of her life.   She is a multi-media and assemblage artist by nature whose art has grown to embody her various and wide-ranging interests.  Her art presents her conceptualized sensitivities to the environment through a combined approach which allows her to draw strength from her multi-cultural life experiences.

Geralyn Motto was born and raised in the Chicago area.  She has a B.A. in Social Science from Northeastern Illinois University and is predominately a self-taught artist. When she was in her teens and her early twenties in the Chicago area, she was an active member of the Oak Park (Illinois) Art League which often hosted instructors who were linked with the Art Institute of Chicago.  Later, while living in Los Angeles, she was an active member of the Malibu Art Association.  She studied Fine Art Photography at UCLA.  Early in her life, she had the opportunity as a high fashion model and a commercial actress to experience creating art in front of the camera, as well as being able to travel extensively.   During these earlier years, she lived in Milan, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. 

Her inspirational travels have included North America, Hawaii, Canada, the Caribbean, and Western Europe, as well as throughout Mexico, Central America, and South America.   She has been drawn to the native cultures within these areas of the world where immense respect for nature and spirit is woven in the fabric of their very existence.   She practices a holistic way of life and the art of conscious business.  She enjoys sharing her knowledge along the way.

Geralyn is the founder of  G.E.R.A. (Gallery of Environmental Renewal Arts) Unlimited that promotes her art along with various artists of all types and mediums.

She is an active member of the Palm Springs Artist Council at the Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Springs, CA. since 2013.  She is engaged in group art exhibitions involving juried exhibitions and annual fund raising art shows for the museum.  She is one of many contributing artists in ongoing community art shows at Venus Studios in Palm Desert, Ca since 2012.  She was the curator and contributing artist for the Rock n Art Festival in Desert Hot Springs, CA in 2011 which was sponsored by the city of Desert Hot Springs and featured a monthly exhibition of artwork by local artists along with live music.  She was one of 33 contributing artists in "Healing from the Ashes" Art Show and Auction: A Dynamic and Meaningful Exhibition in Sunland, CA in 2010.  Over 68 artworks were created from rescued remnants of the Station Fire to benefit residents who didn't have insurance. Refer to:  She was curator of monthly multi-media art shows at the Miramonte Hotel in Indian Wells, CA from 1999 – 2002.   She has co-curated and was a featured artist at the Spring Street Museum in Los Angeles, CA from 1994 – 1995.  She was Vice President of the Malibu Art Association in 1993.  She was also a featured artist at T. Heritage Gallery, Westwood, CA in 1998; the Artisans Galleria in Sedona, AZ from 1994 – 1995; Moon Shadows Gallery in Redondo Beach, CA from 1994 – 1995; and the P. L. A. N. Show sponsored by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 1995.   She has been a featured artist in “The Book Los Angeles” (Earth Day Special Edition) from 1990 – 1995.  

Currently she makes her home in the Palm Springs area of California.  She can be reached at her email: and her website